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We are a small Canadian product development team with the talent to design, build and launch big ideas.

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From start-ups to SMEs looking for a specialized team, we strive to deliver positive experiences with each product we develop.

Leverage our experience

We've solved problems in the fields of medical diagnostics, home automation, internet-of-things (IoT), industrial monitoring, consumer electronics, asset tracking, marketing installations, toys, scientific research, and more.

From concept to manufacturing;
the path to disruptive product solutions.
From concept to manufacturing:
the path to disruptive product solutions


We deliver creative solutions to your team’s complex challenges.

Translating ideas into real, innovative products that disrupt markets. We work closely with our clients to identify creative solutions, and narrow down the ideal path that meets project requirements and long-term goals.


Decades of combined experience translating designs into innovative products.

Our team applies its expertise in mechanical, electrical, and firmware design to build solutions that solve real problems. We do all this while ensuring designs meet cost and timeline targets, and are optimized for manufacturing.


A network of vetted manufacturers to help bring ideas to life.

A prototype can require a variety of processes such as CNC machining, 3D printing, and PCB assembly. We have established relationships with suppliers and parts manufacturers around the world to create prototypes that are close replicas to the form and function of the final manufactured product.


We will be your partner to deploy, scale and provide ongoing product support.

Every project is different. We provide in-house assembly for small deployments and product trials and can work with you to identify an offshore manufacturer for high-volume production. We understand manufacturing from the design phase and are ready to assist with long-term strategic planning, product certifications, quality control systems, and more.

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Grant was always helpful, responsive, and very patient. The Loschmidt Cell test-bed itself was very user-friendly and easy to work with. We even had the chance to update aspects of it with the help of WTI to make it even more fit to our application.

Sina Salari, Ph.D. Simon Fraser University