Real-time monitoring to ensure regulatory compliance

We enabled HCL to remotely monitor their fleet of water sensors deployed across Canada.

When HCL approached WTI, they were manually retrieving water sensor data - often in extremely remote locations in Northern Canada.

This required extensive travel and manpower to visit sites, and meant potential compliance issues went undetected between collection periods. With a sprawling fleet of deployments, HCL needed a way to rein in travel costs by remotely accessing this data from their head office in Edmonton, Alberta. The real-time data enables HCL to detect sensor malfunctions and identify regulatory exceedances, allowing HCL to keep its clients in compliance with governmental regulations.

Notable Product Features

24/7 monitoring and transmission of water sensor data

Deployed in regions with -40ºC winters

Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates to the entire fleet meet evolving reporting and sensor demands

Hardware transmits real-time data via cellular and satellite links to a cloud database

We developed a rugged end-to-end hardware solution that remotely collects sensor data and transmits it to HCL's head office.

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Norm M. Zastre, COO, HCL — Long
Over the past two years of working with WTI, we have experienced an exceptionally high level of professionalism and expertise. They understood our initial requirements and offered valuable recommendations, insights and suggestions for feature enhancements.
Norm M. Zastre, COO, HCL — Long
Chief Operating Officer