Scalable and secure end-to-end cellular-based fleet hardware

Zip Dockless eyed a market for electric scooters in Canada. They needed a partner who could rapidly deploy a demonstration fleet.

Zip Dockless Inc. eyed a market for electric scooters in Canada; scooters were ballooning into a multi-billion dollar industry globally.

Zip Dockless Inc. needed a partner who could rapidly deploy a demonstration fleet to establish a foothold on the Canadian market and secure strategic partnerships. Our solution enables Zip Dockless Inc. to manage its fleet from the cloud, and allows users to find, book and unlock the electric scooter rentals via a mobile app.

Notable Product Features

Rapidly deployed a test fleet within months

In-house development, prototyping and testing of scooter hardware

OTA updates and device management enable widespread low-cost deployment

Frequent, accurate location reporting

We developed a scalable and secure end-to-end cellular-based hardware solution for remotely managing a fleet of electric scooters.

Embedded Firmware Development

Coding the logic that drives your product, ensuring reliable and intuitive operation.

Engineering Prototypes

Building functional prototypes to test, refine, and validate your design against real-world conditions.

In-house PCB Assembly

Ensuring precision and quality as we assemble the electronic backbone of your product.

On-shore Manufacturing

Offering local manufacturing solutions for enhanced control and quicker market entry.

Quality Management

Implementing and monitoring quality management systems for consistent production quality.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Luke Mydlarz, Founder, Zip Dockless
Grant and his team have been excellent to work with! They are experts at what they do and we will continue to use their services. Very happy with Waterloo Technical Inc's service and results.
Luke Mydlarz, Founder, Zip Dockless