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Bamboo Hair Brush

A client needed to bridge the gap between concept development and manufacturing.


Our client was working with a freelance industrial designer on a set of bamboo antimicrobial hair brushes when they hit a roadblock: how to take their design into production?


Starting with a 3D concept and a set of design goals, we designed the packaging, created functional prototypes, and managed manufacturing in China. We designed a premium feeling rigid set-up box with high quality spot UV printing. It features a custom designed thermoformed insert that cradles the product for shipping, and provides dramatic reveal when the customer unboxes the hairbrush.

We worked closely with factories in China to build prototypes and optimize the design for manufacturing. A key challenge was sourcing an anti-microbial coating that could be blended into the paint. This required multiple prototype iterations to fine-tune the process with the manufacturer. The client appreciated our eye for detail and our ability to manage this sourcing stage of communicating key engineering details with factories. Getting this process right is crucial to ensuring that the end product matches the original design intent.


Key Features

Setup box packaging design
Anti-microbial coating
Bamboo wood design