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Plant Lab

Indoor gardening is a skyrocketing trend, allowing organic produce to be grown in the convenience of one's own kitchen. Plant Lab is the world’s most versatile indoor garden.


An indoor produce planter that is simple to use yet full of features, and large enough to plant more than just herbs. It needs to be aesthetically modern to not feel out of place in today’s kitchens.


The styling of Plant Lab considers mass-market appeal to encourage first-time home-growers to try indoor gardening. In this regard the product went through several design revisions until it landed at its current state: a balance between aesthetics, features, and design for manufacturing.

PlantLab features a powder coated metal body, LEDs, and fans to encourage airflow. Its plastic planter trays were designed with stackability in mind. The Plant Lab thus became an ideal product for hobby growers, home cooks, and busy parents alike. The result being a combination of sustainability and style, with the satisfaction of home-grown produce.


Key Features

I.O.T project (bluetooth and wifi enabled)
Metal fabrication
Vacuum forming