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Turn Ideas into meaningful products

Having a wide breadth of expertise and experiences allows us to see the big picture.

We've solved problems in the fields of medical diagnostics, home automation, internet-of-things (IoT), industrial monitoring, consumer electronics, asset tracking, marketing installations, toys, scientific research, and more.

Our work is led by sound engineering analysis and a deep understanding of practical engineering processes. We employ advanced simulation techniques and experimental procedures to direct the product development path.

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Industrial Design

Our team works closely with clients to uncover insights and establish requirements that will make the product unique. Our process is collaborative and highly iterative as we work to develop ideas that will connect with customers. We take pride in our design-to-manufacture approach and steer the project in a manufacturing-focused direction from the early stages.

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The electronics industry is highly dynamic. Our team keeps abreast of the latest industry platforms and is constantly tinkering with new things. We are proficient in a range of technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-fi, Cellular, GPS, Iridium satellite, motion control, and more. We have worked on projects ranging from mission-critical fleet solutions to low-cost consumer electronics.

Our team can design electronic schematics and PCB layouts to address a broad range of customer requirements. We collaborate closely with the mechanical design team to ensure physical constraints are addressed simultaneously. Our workflow leverages Altium design software for PCB schematic capture and layout, and we have partnered with PCB assemblers to fabricate prototype PCBs cost-effectively.

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Our value comes from being able to design for and deliver a range of manufacturing methods that best meet project goals. This comes from the sheer diversity of projects our group has taken on over the years. Today, the majority of the projects we work on are designed for plastic injection molding, and we rely heavily on 3D printing for testing and refining new ideas.

Prototyping new ideas is what we do best! Our workflow leverages Solidworks design tools for 3D modelling, and a network of manufacturing partners to 3D print, CNC machine, laser-cut, mould, die-cut or weld that next great idea.

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With an exploding demand for 'smart' and internet-of-things (IoT) products, we have in-house capabilities for embedded software development across a range of platforms such as AVR and ARM microcontrollers. We've deployed WiFi, cellular and satellite fleets that connect to the cloud, from low-cost to mission-critical.

Our workflow focuses on planning and documentation of comprehensive end-to-end software solutions, which ensure that end products are scalable, reliable and delivered on-budget.

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We will guide you through the manufacturing process by helping you to identify an offshore manufacturer for high-volume production. We will also work with the manufacturer to resolve production hiccups. Our team understands manufacturing from the design phase and we are ready to assist with long-term strategic planning, product certifications, quality control systems, and more.

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Grant was always helpful, responsive, and very patient. The Loschmidt Cell test-bed itself was very user-friendly and easy to work with. We even had the chance to update aspects of it with the help of WTI to make it even more fit to our application.

Sina Salari, Ph.D. Simon Fraser University